Parish Clerk Vacancy

Cold Ash Parish Council requires a part‐time Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer

Cold Ash Parish Council has a total of 11 Councillors and covers four Wards Cold Ash, Manor Park, Little Copse and Florence Gardens. Cold Ash Parish has a combined population of approx. 4,000 people with an annual precept of £50K.

This varied post would suit someone interested in the local community and local Government. They will have good communication, administrative and financial skills and will have good digital skills including but not limited to Microsoft Office applications, online maps, data privacy, online storage and security.

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Meeting Cancelled

Cold Ash Parish Council is observing the ten days of mourning following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As such, the meeting on Tuesday is now cancelled. The next meeting is on 27th September.

But is it, Art?

Apple bench in the Wildlife Allotment Garden.

Graffiti. Is it art or is it vandalism?

I guess there will be a range of answers to this question, depending on the nature of the graffiti and/or your personal perspective. Some graffiti is designed to offend. Other graffiti is designed to make you stop and think, something that it has in common with art.

The reason this question is being posed is that some person or, more likely, persons, took it upon themselves to paint The Big Apple Bench, in the Wildlife Allotment Garden (WAG). Whilst the painting has been done quite artistically, it could still be viewed by some as vandalism, rather than art.

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Prettiest Front Garden Competition Results

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that the winner is:

Jasmine Cottage
Cold Ash Hill

Runner Up:
The Pheasant
The Ridge

Runner Up:
Holly Grove
Ashmore Green Road

The winner receives £25 in Hilliers Garden Vouchers and the 2 runners up prizes were £15 Hilliers Garden Vouchers.

Highly commended were:

  • Thornhill Cottage, Ashmore Green Road
  • Henwick Old Cottage, Ashmore Green Road
  • The Woodburner, Ashmore Green Road

Thank you to everyone who took part.