Wildlife Allotment Garden & Community Orchard

The Community Orchard and Wildlife Allotment Garden is approximately 3 hectares in size and is unusual in that, while it accommodates some 28 allotments, these are scattered among a mosaic of meadows and wooded tracts. Owned by the Parish Council, the area is being managed for and with the local community to provide a peaceful and recreational and learning environment plus a safe haven for many species of flora and fauna that can be found here. There is access to most parts of the site via a series of permissive paths with boardwalks across the wetter ground and an observation platform by the pond.

The orchard contains a mixed planting of fruit tress , which will be added to, along with the introduction of nut trees.

Although situated on clay, the wildflower area has a variety of nectar-rich flowers which help attract bees and butterflies. Solitary bee posts and underground bumble-bee chambers have been installed to help support the bee population.

The rough grassland and timber habitat piles provide valuable wildlife refuges and in mown areas, look out for slow worms and grass snakes soaking up the sun.

A graphical map of the Wild Allotment Gardens