What We Do

Parish Councils are the smallest areas of civil administration in England and provide the tier of local government closest to Parishioners.

Parish Councils are an essential part of the structure of local democracy and have a vital role in acting on behalf of the communities they represent.

We provide a number of services and facilities for Parishioners and we also represent Parishioners with other authorities.

Facilities Provided By The Parish Council

  • Recreation Ground – we own and maintain the recreation ground and surrounding hedges
  • Football Pitches – we hire the football pitches to local clubs
  • Tennis Courts – we maintain and hire the tennis courts
  • Children’s Play Areas – we maintain and pay for the equipment to be inspected
  • Allotments – we hire allotments to Parishioners
  • Community Orchard & Wildlife Allotment Garden – we own and manage the Orchard and WAG
  • Glebeland Cemetery – we own and manage the cemetery
  • Street Lights – we own a number of street lights in the Parish
  • Grit Bins – we own and fill the grit bins in the Parish
  • Dog Bins – we own a number of dog bins in the Parish and pay for them to be emptied
  • Parish Office – we own and maintain the Parish Office
  • Grants for Parish Groups and Clubs

Representation of Parishioners

  • Planning – the Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications in and adjacent to the Parish
  • Planning Policy – the Parish Council responds to West Berkshire Council consultations on Planning Policy and is currently writing a Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • Public Rights of Way – the Parish Council makes representations to West Berkshire Council and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate about changes to Public Rights of Way
  • Traffic & Highways – the Parish Council makes representations to West Berkshire Council about traffic, speed limits and highway changes.