Council Charges

Recreation Ground

Football Clubs – Children’s£40 per day
Cold Ash & Ashmore Green Cricket Club£25 per game (weekends)
£15.00 per game (weekday)
Cold Ash Tennis Club£1500 per annum
(for court maintenance)
Casual Hirers£15 per hour

Allotments and Grazing Fields

Allotments – With Water£35 per annum
Allotments – No Water£15 per annum
Grazing Field 1£150 per annum
Grazing Field 3£60 per annum

Glebeland Cemetery

Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial (EROB) for a period of 99 years

EROB to a grave space (5’x9′) for the interment of a body£450
EROB to a grave space (2’x2′) for the interment of cremated remains£200


Interment of the body of a person exceeding 18 years of age£300
Interment of the body of a person under 18 years of age – see CFF note below£100
Interment of cremated remains in a casket not exceeding 15 inches square£160


Right to erect a memorial£140
Right to place an inscribed vase£60
An additional inscription on any memorial£45

With the introduction of the Children’s Funeral Fund (CFF) in July 2019, no Cold Ash PArish Council fees should be billed for the funeral arrangements of children aged 17 or under, including babies stillborn after 24 weeks of pregnancy. A Burial Authority should reclaim all its fees from the Children’s Funeral Fund. The Children’s Funeral Fund does not extend to funerals for babies lost before 24 weeks of pregnancy; any fees in this instance should be billed in the usual way.

NON-PARISHIONER CHARGES All fees are tripled when the applicant or deceased is/was
not a Cold Ash parishioner. A parishioner/resident can be defined as someone who resided
in the Parish of Cold Ash at the time of their death or had been resident in the Parish for a
period of 15 years at any time in their life.