Every financial year the Council creates a budget for that year’s spending. The budget is split into the following categories:

OfficeClerk’s Salary & Pension
Office Services (Electricity, Water, Phone, Alarm etc)
Maintenance & Equipment
AdministrationPostage & Stationary
Reference Books & Training
Meeting Room Hire
SubscriptionsSubscriptions to bodies that assist Parish Councils
Remembrance Day Wreath
Grit Bins
Library Grant
EnvironmentStreet Lighting
Waste/Litter/Dog Bin Collections
Street Furniture
Hedge & Grass Cutting & Maintenance
Play Area Inspections & Maintenance
Neighbourhood Development PlanFunding the creation of the NDP document
ContingencyAn allowance for unforeseen spending

The current allowances for each budget category are as follows:

2020/2021Budget Allocation
Neighbourhood Development Plan£5,000


Funding for the budget comes from:

  • Income from Council Charges
  • Council Tax Parish Precept
  • Unspent monies from the previous year’s budget

For 2020/2021 the Cold Ash Parish Council Precept is £42,500

Annual Return

Every year the Council’s finances are audited by our internal auditor and by a Government appointed external auditor. The Council’s annual returns are published here every year.

Notice of Conclusion of Audit – 2021.

Community Infrastructure Levy

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a levy charged on most new development within an authority area. The money is used to pay for new infrastructure supporting the development of an area by funding the provision, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure.

While most of the levy is allocated to West Berkshire Council a percentage is allocated to the Parish Council to spend in the Parish.

The Parish Council has to publish on its website how it spends this money and this information can be found below.