Grant Scheme

Applications for Financial Assistance

The Parish Council’s grant scheme is in place for local community groups and non-profit making organisations. Any group or sub-group requesting a grant should, in the first instance, write to the Council stating the amount required and the purpose for which the money is required.

Applications should be accompanied by quotes where applicable and the previous year’s financial statement. Applicants will be invited to attend the council meeting at which the application is to be considered to present their case.

Criteria to be considered when applying for financial assistance:

  • One application per organisation will be considered in any financial year, with a minimum period of six months between requests.
  • Retrospective grant applications will not be considered.
  • Any monies not spent within a period of six months after being awarded should be returned to the Council.
  • Receipts to be provided to the Council, within a period of three months, to confirm grant expenditure has occurred in line with the request made.

Please review our Grant Policy which can be found on our documents page.