NDP Working Groups

Several working groups were created to assist the Steering Group with the collection of evidence to feed into the NDP and to help with day to day activities such as distributing information and analysing survey results.

GroupScopeSample Activities
Traffic, Transport & TravelMatters concerning movement across and through the Parish.Conduct traffic congestion analyses.Assess public transport provision.
Environment & LandscapeMatters relating to the environment, including wildlife biodiversity, noise, air quality, drainage/flooding, pollution etc. Matters related to the Parish’s physical landscape (including scenery and views), and historical legacy.Identify important open spaces & views.Collate information on cultural heritage.
Recreational, Social & SchoolsIssues or information relating to social activities, including schools and sports, and all recreational pursuits in the Parish.Assess usage of footpaths.Identify key recreational facilities & deficits.
CommsRelating to information exchange concerning the NDP.Publicising events.
Local Economy, Eervices & InfrastructureEmployment (including home working), commerce and service provision (eg Post Office, Public House, Shops) within the Parish.  Issues or information regarding the services infrastructure for the Parish, including water, drains, power & lighting, telecommunications.Sample local business views.Look into home working.
Housing Density & DesignConcerning the density & distribution of housing development across the parish, and the size and type of housing.Identify demand for sheltered housing for elderly.Consider design criteria for new housing (“design guides”).