The Parish Council is made up of up to eleven Councillors representing the following wards:

  • Cold Ash (7 Councillors)
  • Manor Park (2 Councillors)
  • Florence Gardens (1 Councillor)
  • Little Copse (1 Councillor)

Councillors are volunteers and are elected by Parishioners every 4 years. At the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, held every May, the members elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the following year.

Currently, the Chairman is Councillor Marie Fenner and the Vice-Chairman is Councillor Ivor McArdle.

The Parish Clerk is Rosie Jardine. Her contact details can be found on the Contact Us page (a Bio will be uploaded soon).

See the following link for Councillor’s attendance.

Councillors – Cold Ash Ward

CouncillorE-MailPhoneBioRegister of Interest
Bernard 954480BioRegister of Interests
Peter 801277BioRegister of Interests
Jon 881521BioRegister of Interests
Heather 898811BioRegister of Interests
Marie Fenner
(Chairman) 645839BioRegister of Interests
Ivor McArdle (Vice Chairman) 595163BioRegister of Interests
Pete 221710BioRegister of Interests

Councillors – Manor Park Ward

CouncillorE-MailPhoneBioRegister of Interests
VacantBioRegister of Interests
VacantBioRegister of Interests

Councillors – Florence Gardens Ward

CouncillorE-MailPhoneBioRegister of Interests
Andrew of Interests

Councillors – Little Copse Ward

CouncillorE-MailPhoneBioRegister of Interests
Richard 129 022BioRegister of Interests

West Berkshire Council District Councillors

The Parish boundary overlaps several West Berkshire Council electoral wards. As such there are several District Councillors that represent Parishioners.

Paul DickCold Ash 605 606
Heather CodlingCold Ash
Lee DillonLittle Copse 288712
Jeff BrooksFlorence Gardens 388534