The Parish Council has 26 allotments, all of which are on land owned by the Council in trust for the ‘Poor’s Allotment & Recreation Ground Charity’, along with the 3 grazing fields and the recreation ground.

The allotments are on three sites; Gladstone Lane, Johnson’s Lane and The Ridge (orchard).  There is a mains water supply to two of the sites. See the Council Charges page for rental prices.

For further details or to be added to the waiting list for an allotment, please contact the Parish Clerk (see Contact Us).  Please note that priority is given to parishioners.

The Ridge (Orchard) Allotments
Johnson’s Lane Allotments
Several allotments with vegetables growing. Nets cover some plants and canes are visible for runner beans.
Gladstone Lane Allotments


A graphical map of the Wild Allotment Gardens