Works in the Wildlife Allotment Garden

West Berks Countryside Society (WBCS) working in the Wildlife Allotment Garden (WAG) – 15th March 2022

Wooden sign saying "Wildlife Allotment Garden"

On 15th March, the WBCS will be working in the WAG. This is the second session we have had with the society, in the WAG, the first being help in clearing areas of brash and brambles, in preparation for the Community Tree Planting Day. These are great days, as we manage to make a significant impact on the environment, with c20-30 people working on the site. This is a great boost to the work being undertaken on a weekly basis by the Cold Ash Volunteer Group.

During this visit, the team will be working across the site, scything, raking, cutting down dead trees and generally clearing up. A key focus of the visit will be in the fields adjacent to Gladstone Lane and Collaroy Road. This is an area that the Cold Ash Volunteers have been working on for several months; you may have noticed the improvements. There are discussions underway to see if we can open part of the area and establish a quiet garden, where the public can sit and enjoy, what are, some of the most spectacular views in the parish. The area is also being considered as the site for the beacon that is being planned as the start of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The work WBCS will be doing will be a great help in getting the area ready for any such events.

On the day it will be necessary to burn off some of the wood from trees that we’re cutting down or clearing. Any burning will be kept to a minimum, with any waste material that is suitable for storage being used to create different types of natural habitats for wildlife

We hope that any smoke and noise created does not cause you any inconvenience and trust that you will consider the overall outcome of benefit to the community.

The WAG will remain open whilst the work is undertaken, and actions will be taken to ensure members of the community can pass through the site safely.

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk.

Cold Ash Parish Council