Online Parish Council Meetings

Due to the Government’s Coronavirus restrictions, Parish Council public meetings will now, until further notice, be held using the Zoom video conferencing application.

Members of the public are welcome to join these meetings and can do so using the Zoom App on their PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone. In addition there is a dial in number for those unable to use the above devices – note however that you will not be able to see us or the planning applications if you dial in by phone.

There is no charge for joining, but video conferencing will use a significant amount of data so you are advised to join with your unlimited data broadband as opposed to using 3G/4G mobile data. If you dial in by phone please consult your phone operator for charges.

The details required to join a meeting can be found in the meeting’s agenda. These can be found on our meetings page.

For instructions on how to join a meeting, watch this video below:

We hope to see you soon!

Councillor Richard Marsh