Closure -Bridleways COLD/25A/1 and BUCK/54A/1

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West Berkshire Council Notice:

Please note that – Bridleways COLD/25A/1 AND BUCK/54A/1 in the parishes of Cold Ash and Bucklebury are to be closed. It is envisaged that the closure will be in place from the 4th May 2021, dependant on the commencement of works. The closure shall remain in place for a period of six months or until the works are complete, whichever is the soonest.

The closure will be between its junction with BYWAY OPEN TO ALL TRAFFIC COLD/25/1 and its junction with BRIDLEWAY BUCK/10C/1.

Please see attached plan of closure extent (marked in red) and an alternative route for Equestrians and Cyclists marked in green.

Buck/138/1 and Buck/138/2 may be used as an alternative for pedestrians.

The purpose is to enable works for demolition and re-build of a fire damaged residence along its route, the closure is required as the area of works will need to encroach across the bridleway to ensure compliance of Health and Safety legislation.

For further information:

Please contact Broadview Farm on 0790 607 922