Planning Applications – 2022

Cold Ash Parish Planning Applications

The details of planning applications can be found on the West Berkshire Council (WBC) website. Links to the applications considered by the Parish Council can be found below. The month indicates the month in which the Parish Council considered an application. Note that older applications will be removed from the list below, but will be still available on the WBC website.

August 2022

Windrush The Ridge Cold Ash RG18 9HX
First floor rear extension, conversion of garage to habitable space, replacement porch to front elevation, alterations to fenestration and associated works. 
Adjacent to Parish Newbury Showground Priors Court Road Hermitage
Modification of Planning Obligation on Approved Application 11/01135/COMIND – Section 106 Deed of Agreement of 30th April 2013, reference 2583SA

July 2022

Seekers Stoney Lane Ashmore Green
The proposal includes a conversion of the existing garage into a new open kitchen/ dining space with utility and boot room. 2no. new windows to the front elevation to match existing and bi-folding doors to the rear and a new timber frame porch to the front entrance.

June 2022

Adjacent to Parish 44 Mersey Way Thatcham
First floor side extension
Juniper Rise Ashmore Green
Section 73A: Variation of Condition 3 (Materials) of previously approved application 12/00538/HOUSE: First floor extension to single storey house, single storey extension to the west and new garage to replace existing.

May 2022

Pataya Bucklebury Alley
Extensions and alterations to the dwelling and new access
14 Yates Copse Newbury
Single storey rear extension
The Granary Hatchgate Close
Single storey rear extension and associated works
Cleardene Farm Ashmore Green Road
Conversion of redundant buildings at Cleardene Farm, Ashmore Green, into four detached dwellings, and to demolish two redundant
Frontier Agriculture Ltd Red Shute Mill 
Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed: Installation, Alteration or Replacement of other Solar Photovoltaics (PV) equipment on the Roofs of Non-domestic Buildings: Proposed 252.954kWp roof mounted solar panels
4 Laud Close
Single storey side extension extending into the rear of the existing garden
Land Adjacent To Summerfield The Ridge
Section 73: Variation of Condition 1 (Approved Plans) for previously approved application 21/01203/REM: Section 73 application for removal/variation of conditions 1 (approved plans), 4 (scheme of landscaping) and 5 (instant hedge) of approved 19/00832/REM –  Approval of reserved matters following outline  permission 16/02529/OUTD – Change of use of part of existing agricultural field to residential and the erection of 5 no. detached dwelling houses with ancillary garages, access, parking, landscaping and associated works.  Matters seeking consent – Appearance, landscaping and scale.

April 2022

AMENDED PLANS Sylvan House Fishers Lane
Outline Application for serviced self-build plot at land adjacent to Sylvan House, Fishers Lane, Cold Ash. Matters to be considered: Access and Layout.
Land South Of Waller Drive 
Full planning application for the redevelopment of the site for 70 dwellings (Use Class C3), public open space, play space, drainage, parking and associated access, infrastructure, landscape, ancillary and site preparation works, including demolition of existing structures and removal of existing hardstanding
Cobwebs Ashmore Green Thatcham RG18 9EX
Single storey kitchen/dining side extension
Oakview Heath Lane Henwick
First floor extension and single storey extension to side of property
Pontecums Fishers Lane
Replacement garage, single storey side extension loft conversion with dormer

March 2022

Wyldwood Bucklebury Alley
Retrospective application for the erection of a detached home office and games room (outbuilding)
Wyldwood Bucklebury Alley
Retrospective Householder application for the erection of decking
Wyldwood Bucklebury Alley
Retrospective: Householder application for the erection of a detached domestic storage shed (outbuilding)

February 2022

31 Turnpike Road Newbury – Adjacent to Parish
Installation of security barriers/gates at the entrance to the site to prevent vehicle access. This will be at least 15 metres inside the entrance of the site and from Turnpike Road that runs in front of the site. They will be double leafed manual barriers/gates opening inwards. We would like these installed for security of our site out of normal working hours
4 Laud Close Newbury RG14 2SL
Two storey side extension extending into the rear of the existing garden.
Broad View Farm The Ridge
Replacement of existing dwelling
Arbor Low Bucklebury Alley
Two storey front and rear extensions.
Thornfield Henwick
Single Storey Rear Extension
Vista Cottage The Ridge RG18 9HX 
Ground Floor: Existing garage and adjoining covered way removed, footprint reduced by 1 metre, and replaced with enlarged living room to project on front elevation. To rear existing kitchen enlarged with utility and rear entrance added. First Floor: Master bedroom added over new ground floor extension. Existing bathroom relocated and staircase modified.
ADJACENT TO PARISH 29 Wyndham Road Newbury
Two single storey rear and side extensions.

January 2022

Breckland Hermitage Road RG18 9JN
Demolish conservatory.  New single storey side and rear extension.
Land West Of Heath Lane
Construction of 2 detention basins located north and south of a proposed access track connected via twin 450mm dia. pipes. The North Basin will have an area of 0.35 hectares and a 0.6m high earth bund and will accommodate a 20m wide spillway and a 20m wide weir. The South Basin will have an area of 0.23 hectares and a 1.4m high earth with a 20m wide weir to accommodate exceedance flows from the North Basin. and realignment of an existing ditch via a 450mm dia. Culvert. A 450mm dia. pipe will convey flows from the southern basin during flood events to a new cut ditch before discharging into the existing ditch to the west of the site. Flows from the existing ditch eventually discharge to a Thames Water sewer. The provision of a 4.8m wide access track to serve the Scheme.
Land North Of Bowling Green Road
Construction of a detention basin with an area of 0.20 hectares and a 0.7m high earth bund to the south of the scheme. Realignment of an existing ditch for 12m into the proposed basin and installation of a bypass structure to facilitate flows in the existing watercourse downstream. A 300mm diameter pipe will convey flows from the basin during flood events to the existing ditch to the south of the scheme before out falling to the existing Thames Water sewer to the southwest. The existing ditch will be regraded from the outlet from the basin to the inlet to Thames Water sewer. The provision of a 3.0m wide access track from Bowling Green Road to serve the Scheme.
6 Sewell Close Cold Ash
Single storey extension and alterations to provide accessible accommodation
38 Strouds Meadow Cold Ash RG18 9PQ
Extensions and Alterations to 38 Strouds Meadow