Planning Applications – 2021

Cold Ash Parish Planning Applications

The details of planning applications can be found on the West Berkshire Council (WBC) website. Links to the applications considered by the Parish Council can be found below. The month indicates the month in which the Parish Council considered an application. Note that older applications will be removed from the list below, but will be still available on the WBC website.

December 2021

Glendale Manor Collaroy Road RG18 9PB
Excavate part foundation for planning permission 18/01864/HOUSE.

November 2021

3 Malta Cottages Ashmore Green RG18 9EZ
Single Storey Rear Extension
Sylvan House Fishers Lane RG18 9NG
Outline Application for serviced self build plot at land adjacent to Sylvan House, Fishers Lane, Cold Ash. Matters to be considered: Access and Layout.
Adjacent to Parish  Sanctuary Wood Slanting Hill Hermitage RG18 8QG
Retrospective application for relocated driveway with post and rail fencing and automatic five bar gate
Nuttington Stoney Lane RG18 9HQ
Proposed single-storey extension to replace existing conservatory
The White House Bucklebury Alley RG18 9NH
Garage conversion, first floor extension over converted garage, rear single storey extension and internal alterations
Rose Cottage Bucklebury Alley RG18 9NH
Erection of side and rear extensions with a separate car port.
Adjacent to Parish 33 Bowling Green Road RG18 3BY
Single storey side and rear extension.

October 2021

Land Adjacent Little Copse Southend
Application for permission in principle for the erection of nine dwellings (first homes).
45 Huntingdon Gardens Newbury
Rear extension, infill to provide enlarged kitchen; with hipped roof detail and 3no velux type roof lights. Rear extension to existing conservatory and change in roof type to create ‘sun room’ with improved functionality. New roof will be clad in tiles to closely match the existing; walls to be constructed in clay brickwork to closely match the existing; doors and windows to closely match the existing. Dimensions 5.29m beyond rear wall, 3.45m height, 2.60m eaves height.
Foxridge The Ridge
Proposed part conversion of garage, first floor home office within roof space with new dormer window.
Garden room extension to rear of garage with garden storage under and new decking area.
Adjacent to Parish:  Mayfield Long Lane Hermitage
Construction of rear single storey extension to allow larger kitchen, sitting room and bathroom
Adjacent to Parish:  Oakwell Long Lane Hermitage
Erection of a timber framed double garage in the front garden of the property
Cherwell Cottage Cold Ash Hill
Replacement Roof and Loft Area to Garage

September 2021

The Annexe at Hazelbury Stoney Lane Ashmore Green
Use of building as self-contained dwelling
Tullamore Stoney Lane Ashmore Green
Single storey rear extension
Adjacent to Parish Land at Lawrences Lane Thatcham
Change of use to 7 no. Gypsy/Traveller pitches comprising 7 no: static caravans, 7 no: day rooms, 7 no: touring caravans, and associated works
Adjacent to Parish 39 Northway Thatcham
Proposed single storey rear extension and associated alterations.
Studio Hazelbury Stoney Lane Ashmore Green
Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing Use: Use of building as self-contained dwelling.

August 2021

Meadowlands Road Known As Ashmore Green Road
Single and double storey extension with a new double garage
Heathfield Gladstone Lane
Proposed single-storey side extension
Russets Stoney Lane Ashmore Green
Single storey rear extension.
Straight Elms Farm Stoney Lane Ashmore Green
Conversion, link extension and alterations to existing buildings to create an annexe, home office and gym, ancillary to the main dwelling. Erection of stable block

July 2021

Hazian Ashmore Green Road Ashmore Green
Formation of habitable rooms in roof space with front and rear gable build ups and side dormers
Copperfields The Ridge Cold Ash
Single-storey rear extension, associated renovations, landscape works and demolition of existing kitchen/family room.
Jonroc  Road Known As Ashmore Green Road
Platform 3m x 2.5m built around an apple tree 2.4m from the ground, All built with treated softwood. Accessed via a wooden ladder
ADJACENT TO PARISH  Sanctuary Wood Slanting Hill Hermitage 
Replacement dwelling and detached garage with guest accommodation above.
Land South Of Waller Drive
Full planning application for the redevelopment of the site for 70 dwellings (Use Class C3), public open space, play space, drainage, parking and associated access, infrastructure, landscape, ancillary and site preparation works, including demolition of existing structures and removal of existing hardstanding.
Davenham House Slanting Hill Hermitage
Provide a new single storey side extension with pitched roof to existing property comprising of art studio and gym.
Westrop Farm The Ridge
Change of use of agricultural building to form one dwelling; alterations and extensions (alternative design for one of the two dwellings, Dairy Cottage, most recently approved under planning reference 19/01102/FULD)

June 2021

The White House Long Lane Cold Ash 
Ground floor extension and first floor extension over kitchen
Sanctuary Wood Slanting Hill RG18 9QG
Relocation of driveway access and associated work to significantly improve visibility and safety.
Norbreck The Ridge Cold Ash RG18 9HT
Proposed detached garage, stop up existing secondary access and new hedgerow with fence behind
Land Adjacent To Summerfield The Ridge Cold Ash
Section 73 application for removal/variation of conditions 1 (approved plans), 5 (Instant hedge) and 6 (gates) of approved 19/00832/REM –  Approval of reserved matters following outline  permission 16/02529/OUTD – Change of use of part of existing agricultural field to residential and the erection of 5 no. detached dwelling houses with ancillary garages, access, parking, landscaping and associated works.  Matters seeking consent – Appearance, landscaping and scale.
Chapel House St Marys The Ridge
Insulate and render walls to 1980’s extension (with no change to original adjacent brickwork), replace windows, construct front porch and rear lobby/boot room.
Adjacent to Parish Penbury Long Lane Hermitage
Proposed loft conversion and rear extension

May 2021

16 Huntingdon Gardens Newbury
Proposed loft conversion with new gable, front dormer and rear PV array
Holly Tree House Fishers Lane RG18 9NG
S73 Application for removal of conditions 4 (obscure glazing) and 5 (permitted development) of approved 20/02104/HOUSE -Two storey side extension and alterations
2 Collaroy Glen Cold Ash RG18 9PZ
Single storey extension to enlarge kitchen/family area
ADJACENT TO PARISH 12 Highwood Close Shaw Newbury West Berkshire RG14 2EJ
Erection of a 2 bed detached dwelling and associated works

April 2021

Southend Cold Ash Thatcham West Berkshire RG18 3BW
Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension.
Monterey House Collaroy Road Cold Ash Thatcham RG18 9PB
Proposed conversion of car port, first floor extension above and extend dropped kerb access.
Byeways Ash Terrace  Ashmore Green Thatcham West Berkshire RG18 9EU
Extensions and internal alterations to Byeways, Ash Terrace.
St Martins Red Shute Hill Hermitage Thatcham West Berkshire RG18 9QH
Single story Oak framed garage 5.9m x 9.5m, triple bay (one open) hip roof.
Two Oaks Stoney Lane Ashmore Green
Single storey infill extension to front, partial rendering of existing bungalow.
Cypressus Stoney Lane Ashmore Green
Proposed porch to front of property with flat roof. White pvcu frame and matching bungalow brick.

March 2021

Cleardene Farm Ashmore Green Road Ashmore Green Thatcham RG18 9ES
Conversion of 4 agricultural buildings into 4 residential dwellings, including part demolition and landscaping.
ADJACENT TO PARISH: Numbering 1-47 Curridge Piece Curridge
External wall insulation to MOD to service family accommodation.
ADJACENT TO PARISH: Land at Lawrences Lane
Conversion involving ‘change of use’ from self service livery stable (sui generis) to form live/work unit (C3) with ancillary Office and associated works.
Davelaine Stoney Lane Ashmore Green  Thatcham RG18 9HE
Change of land use to residential garden

February 2021

Clover House Westrop Farm The Ridge Cold Ash Thatcham RG18 9JA
Change of use from pasture to paddock and construction of three loose boxes and tack room.
Thirtover Lodge Thirtover Cold Ash Thatcham RG18 9JE
Detached timber frame carport
Robins Ridge Bucklebury Alley
Alterations to property including alterations to rear extension and terrace and dormer windows. All alterations are within the existing footprint. To the rear extension, lowering of floor level to create split level living area, addition of sliding doors & glazing to rear levation. Addition of velux windows to front. Modifications to rear dormer windows. Conversion of existing garage to bedroom/bathroom/utility area.

January 2021

Arbor Low Bucklebury Alley Cold Ash Thatcham RG18 9NH
Proposed single storey rear extension, extension and alterations to front porch, first floor front gable extension, garage conversion, new roof light, internal alterations and rendering of existing elevations
Thirtover House Thirtover Cold Ash Thatcham RG18 9JE
Two sheds to be built within the garden of Thirtover House. Shed 1 would measure 6m x 3m with a height of 4.35m, and Shed 2 would measure 4m x 2.4m with a height of 3.8m.
Castle Lane Cottage Johnsons Lane Cold Ash Thatcham RG18 9PP
First floor rear extension to provide en-suite and wardrobe area.  Garden office/annexe guest accommodation to site where garage was previously approved.
ADJACENT TO PARISH – Oak Tree Cottage Long Lane Hermitage Thatcham RG18 9QT
Demolition of flat roof single storey elements and construction of two storey and single storey extensions
Woodley Stoney Lane Ashmore Green Thatcham RG18 9HQ
Erection of five brick pillars to support gates and wall in the front garden to provide security.
ADJACENT TO PARISH – Land Adjacent To Hilltop Oxford Road Donnington Newbury
Section 73: Variation of condition 2 ‘approved plans’ of approved application 18/03061/RESMAJ: Reserved matters application for phased development of 222 dwellings pursuant to outline planning application number 19/00442/OUTMAJ which relates to Section 73: Variation of Condition 1 (approved plans) of planning application reference 14/02480/OUTMAJ allowed under appeal decision reference APP/W0340/W/16/3143214 dated 20 March 2017 for a mixed use scheme on 23.1 hectares of land, comprising up to 401 dwellings on 11.35 hectares of land. A 400 sq.m. local centre (Use Classes A1/A2/D1/D2 no more than 200 sq.m. of A1) on 0.29 hectares of land, a one form entry primary school site on 1.7 hectares of land, public open space, landscaping and associated highway works). Matters to be considered: Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale, and discharge of Condition 4 (site wide housing mix) and 5 (strategic landscaping plan) of 19/00442/OUTMAJ.